SAAB 2.8 V6 VFR Head Gaskets (Pair) [Temporarily Sold Out] – RHB Turbochargers Inc.

SAAB 2.8 V6 VFR Head Gaskets (Pair) [Temporarily Sold Out]

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See: VFR Gasket Installation Guide

If you know, you know. 

This head gasket will not allow any combustion pressure to enter the cooling system under any circumstance. 

VFR stands for Vented Fire Ring. Designed and perfected by RHB for our 700HP time attack SAAB. It requires no special machining, and can be installed on a standard deck/head surface. 

This head gasket uses technology originally seen in the turbo F1 era where cylinder pressures would often exceed cylinder head sealing capabilities. They would machine a leak path in the deck surface for each fire ring so that any possible combustion leakage could escape to atmosphere instead of ending up in the cooling system. 

The VFR head gasket is comprised of 4x chrome steel fire rings, and a stainless steel water sealing plate with integrated leak paths "vents" for each fire ring. These integrated vents create escape paths to atmosphere for any possible combustion leakage in the same manor as the turbo F1 era vents. In this style, it's a direct swap from a normal style head gasket and does not require special machining. 

Installation involves sticking the fire rings in place around each cylinder with adhesive, and sealing the steel plate with aviation sealant or RTV. Permatex 59423 is recommended for most applications requiring fast cure time. Normal head bolts may be used but ARP head studs are recommended for appropriate fire ring crush. 

This method of venting fire rings is used in many types of professional motorsports to this day, however it is mostly kept a secret. There are many methods of venting fire rings, but this is the most efficient way to do it. 

Thickness: 2mm.

This gasket is reusable.