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TB6-58 (575HP)

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  • RHB TB6-58 (Tri-Bearing 6 - 58lb/min*)

    "Stepping towards bigger horsepower; the TB6-58 utilizes a compressor wheel designed to maximize the flow capabilities of its paired turbine wheel. This turbine/compressor harmony creates a turbocharger with a very broad efficiency band."

    • Tri-Bearing Full Metal Free Floating Triple Ball Bearing System Designed by and is exclusive to RHB
    • Water cooled billet 6061 T6 aluminum center section construction
    • Compressor: 54mm Inducer - 71.4mm Exducer -  76.5mm Extended Tip
    • Turbine: 54mm Exducer - 61.5mm Inducer
    • Compressor Housings 0.60a/r 3" Inlet Anti-Surge - Contact us for more options
    • Turbine Housings T3 In, 3" V-Band Out 8cm, 10cm, 12cm - T2(T25) In, 3" V-Band Out 8cm, 10cm - Contact us for more options
    • Recommended HP Range: 300-575HP

    *lb/min ratings are suggested guidelines 

    • Durable low friction Full Metal Free Floating Triple Ball Bearing CHRA
    • Ultra low inertia rotating assembly for fast transient response
    • Billet 6061 compressor nut for further reduced rotating mass
    • Anodized billet 6061 T6 lightweight center section construction
    • Modern billet 2618 compressor wheel featuring extended exducer tips
    • Inconel low backpressure turbine wheel
    • Compact design
    • Threaded oil drain port for easy oil drain attachment in tight spaces
    • Four coolant ports for ease of coolant line routing
    • Standard with anti-surge  compressor housings for surge protection at high pressure ratios
    • Downpipe flange, turbine inlet gasket, oil feed fitting, boost tap & water port plugs included
    • Many housing combinations available (contact us for your needs)
  • For Installation & Operation Info, Refer to: Quick Start Guide & Technical Information


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